How do you follow successful traders?

How do you follow successful traders?

All of us have always taken as a role model someone who we were desperate to be more like. For some it was a father/mother, for some it was an athlete, for some it was a mentor or a leader. We all are different and our views differ as well. But! If you are a trader, you will agree that you would like to constantly cover Forbes, like Warren Buffett, Jr. Soros or Bill Williams. We read their articles, opinions and predictions regarding the future prospects of both a particular financial asset and the market as a whole.

As of today, the development of communication and simplistic social activity allow you to instantly monitor and learn from the latest trader news. I’m talking about simple things like social networks, news portals, or TV.

Today, however, such channels of following are many, and each is special in its own way. Yes, I don’t think you’re going to find Buffet, but you can get the opinion of an experienced trader with 10 years of experience.

I’ll talk about sites and techniques that work and using which you can analyze trading of another manager, hear his opinion about the investment portfolio, or even ask a question about the problem you are interested in.


  1. Blogs. These sites became popular not too long ago. Today the professionals are ready to share their opinions and projections, market reviews, and their fix api trading without questions and requests. Take my blog, for example. There you will find my personal views on the various types of fix api forex robots, methods of analysis, and more. I’ve spent several years studying the principles of algorithmic trade and now I can share that knowledge. A trader who successfully trades is certainly not against telling the world about it.
  2.  If you are interested in the duplication of trades, I recommend that you sign up for the idea-trade publication sites. Platforms such as Tradingview and Etoro allow you to learn the views of successful traders, their comments on the transaction, the investment period, and the entry and exit points. This allows you to apply external trade recommendations to your fix api trading and increase the financial result.
  3.  If the previous section supposed a subscribtion to the trader and following him on the basis of the analysis, there are also sites that are depriving the process. I’m talking about signal-copying services such as MQL, or subscribing to the PAMM account of a successful trader. This allows for automatic trading with no interference in the trade process itself.
  4.  Social networks. Of course, the modern world can’t be without them. Each trader has his own accounts in different social platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google +), which allows you to contact or subscribe directly to the trader of interest. Moreover, if the manager you are interested in has a community, it is possible to find the like-minded people, and also use networking to reach the result.

If you have a need for an external opinion on the market, you can find the trader you are interested in and set up communication with it to solve common problems. Following a more prosperous trader is anyone’s business. I would recommend that you figure out the subtleties of fix api trading and only then look up to someone else. It’s possible that if you put in enough effort today, people will look up to and follow you and your work.



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