The review of the trading software FiX API: what is available on the market?

The review of the trading software FiX API: what is available on the market?

The development of financial markets happened simultaneously with the development of information technology and the software sector. This allowed us to create a number of auxiliary elements to improve the quality of fix api trading:

  • Online participation in trade through the implementation of the financial protocol FiX;
  • Develop automated methods and models for forecasting the future value of an asset;
  • Use computer (technical) analysis in trading;
  • Turn manual trading into algorithmic trading strategies (HFT trading);

All these points have made the trading process the way we see it today.

But at the same time it should be understood that even today it can be improved through trade with fix api.

FIX API – it’s a type of trading operations not on the brokerage company’s server, but the coinduction of transactions directly from the liquidity provider. This allows you to bypass delays and inactive points from brokerage firms, such as spread, slippage or the receipt of non-market data.

However, this direction is just in development and there is a very limited number of developers of this type of software on the market.

Today I will make a brief overview of those auxiliary programs that perform trading operations via the FiX protocol. And I will divide them into two categories, which are, in my subjective opinion, the best in their specifics. Namely, the best software among algorithmic trading and manual trading.


This company is developing several types of support software at the same time, that make transactions on the sites of liquidity providers. From the range it is clear that the main product is arbitrage trading, where each software is based on the flood types of this strategy. The specificity of this software is that it has its own graphical interface, which already includes a list of key liquidity providers, in order to analyze and open trading operations. The software is developed by Lock Arbitrage absolutely doesn’t have risk in trading, because trading operations open on different sites and always have a fixed minimum result from fix trading. Due to the opening of the transaction both for purchase and sale, a “lock” is created, which will not allow a loss to grow. And the algorithm itself takes into account the deviation from the normative difference and in the presence of this deviation opens the transaction in the direction of the spread. After returning to the normative values, the transaction is fixed with a minimum income. This allows you to use it in almost any brokerage company. Also note the acceptable cost of this software, which is much lower than market indicators.


Speaking of trading robots, which are presented in the first version, there are also visual platforms through which you can access the FiX protocol. The main condition is access to this source from the brokerage house. This company offers this function – a kind of “trading terminal”. This terminal visually resembles the trading platform fix api MT4, and it also has a number of similar indicators: opening a deal, moving positions, determining the volume and so on. This is an excellent software for those who prefer manual trading, because with the help of this program you can make transactions with more favorable conditions and without negative moments from the brokerage company. As for the price parameters, I will note that the cost of software does not exceed market prices.

These are two completely different kinds of software that are on the market. One is aimed at algorithmic trading, and the other – manual.

I’m more than sure that in a few years, this kind of software will dominate today’s brands. After all, successful trading requires comfortable conditions, which the FiX protocol does create.



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