Standard and Unique Trading Robots for Forex

Standard and Unique Trading Robots for Forex

Trading software began appearing immediately after the information technologiesdevelopment boom,which led to the automation of online exchange trading process. Initially, developed data transmission protocols triggeredall sorts of programs introduction intofix api trading. Automated forecasting and modeling systems which predicted the future value of financial assets were introduced after that. They created algorithmic trading strategies and information and signal panels.

The great popularity of this segment, along with an increased demand from a million of traders,led to a real boom in the development of auxiliary software. Thisthen resulted in a variety of standard programs development which had rather weak economic effect for an fix api trader. Software which deserves special attention also exists, however,. This software is unique and has no analogies in the marketplace.

It should be pointed out when speaking of standard and unique products, that no matter how universal an algorithm is, it works based on a system which is already known and has been tested by the entire web. It makes such a program less than unique. That’s why I’m going to highlight a number of criteria which make unique programs different from standard ones.

Unique programs possess:

  • Author’s trading algorithm;
  • Flexible software settings for individual traders;
  • Ability to integrate to into multiple trading terminals;
  • Configurable risk and cash management options;
  • Softwarespecifics.

Having determined these factors, you might come to the conclusion that almost 90% of software in the marketplace has standard parameters and there is practically no differencebetween them.

It implies that, no matter how new an algorithmwhich is used in a commercial robot is, if it is based on one of the popular algorithms or methodologies, it automatically falls intoa standard software category.

For example, scalping strategies are based on a different algorithm.But the marketplaceis already familiar with all of these algorithms:



Everybody has already used them for their fix apiforex market trading. This makes them less than unique.

The following robot is quite similar:

Trading is basedon B. Williams’s strategy. This author has already written two books about it, and millions of traders have already tested his strategy in the marketplace. You must ask yourself, whether this robot can be considered unique?

I’ve already mentioned parameters which make softwareunique. Based on these, I can identify several options which I consider to be unique in fix apiforex market.

I would like to particularly highlight Lock Arbitrage software


Yes, Arbitrage has not been knownto the marketplace and traders for very long. But I would like to stress specifics of this program. This trading algorithm is simple and understandable for everybody. There is nothing unique about it. However, the very mode of tradingdeserves special attention. The program has a separate interface and is not just an implementation in a form of a file for a trading terminal. It has flexible settings and a choice of liquidity providers for quotationcomparison purposes. It enables you to adjust currency name pairs based on a trader’sbrokerage company fix api. It is also possible to setup the trading volume and risk levelsforyour transactions. And, there is also one more unique feature.The program trades through aFiX protocol, which ensures a difference in quotes and enables you to determine a faster and a slower broker.

As we can see, four out of five (except for the author’s algorithm) possess necessary features to be considered unique software programs withinthe forex market.

If you are familiar with any programs matching unique software criteria, please share them in the comments section! Let’s create our own unique software database forthe fix apiforex market.


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