Modern trading software: fix api Lock Arbitrage. Standard software will not be used anymore

Modern trading software: fix api Lock Arbitrage. Standard software will not be used anymore

To date, the automation of processes has been achieved virtually everywhere and affects virtually every kind of business. Trading was no exception. There are already various programs and algorithms on the market that are designed to simplify the trading process of a fix api trader.

But it’s only in theory, because most, I would even say 90%, of the total number of programs, have the simplest settings and are limited to only one file designed to work in the POS terminal fix api MT4. Complex programmes that have an interface, a huge list of customizations and adaptability to different out terminals are limited on the market. And that’s one of those programs I’m going to tell you about today. a unique software that consists of opening positions directly in the program window, bypassing the brokerage terminals and servers that often show a delay in executing orders, as well as the outlines (spreads) from fix apiforex brokers.

This software is based on the arbitration trade strategy. The algorithm analyzes exchange differences between quotes of the same currency pair, but on different sites that you can select directly in the program. That is, you set the parameters of a faster broker and add your broker and its trade specifications. Thus, the algorithm already knows where quotations are more relevant. For more information about the software watch this video.

This is only one type of arbitration strategy, and a complete list is available at Investopedia:

The logic is to open trade transactions when the difference between the two sites reaches the specified value. For example, if you set the option to open items after a 5-point quote difference is reached, the program will only perform purchase and sales transactions where the difference is more than 5 points.

For example:

The quotations of the currency pair of USD/CAD are 1.3250 at the prime broker and 1.3245 at the slower broker. If you have a 5-point trade setting, the robot will open the sales deal for the first and purchase deal for the second. This guarantees a profit of 5 points and makes the trade strategy risk-safe.

A lock like this allows for longer periods of trade. Moreover, the fix API lock arbitrage implements the principle of closing profitable positions with an instant opening on the site where there is already a loss transaction. Thus, there is a “lock”, and the level of the subsidence and the risk does not change. If the necessary conditions are met, the algorithm closes the positions in the future before opening.

This makes it possible to keep trade transactions open for a long time. And if your broker prohibits arbitration, the prolonged retention of position, as well as the opening of deals in different sites, will be secretly heavily analyzed to identify arbitration trading.

Also note that the platform can trade both MT4 and the fix api on cTrader terminal servers, which makes the program even more versatile.

Advantages of Lock Arbitrage:

  • Fix protoco connection;
  • Integration with different trade terminals;
  • Risk-freetrade;
  • Ability to connect to prime broker quotes;
  • Workingwithdifferentbrokers;
  • The ability to set up the necessary parameters for trade basing on the amount of investment funds.

There are very few such programmes in the market. There are obvious differences and advantages to the standard trade algorithms that MQL market offers. This software will improve the trading results by optimizing it to the conditions you need.

All of these features make the Lock Arbitrage software one of the best for trading.








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One response to “Modern trading software: fix api Lock Arbitrage. Standard software will not be used anymore”

  1. Cavic Williams says:

    It’s actually right that the automation of processes has been circulated virtually everywhere and in every model of business. This automation is spreading wild like a virus and has affected most business virtually. I’m a Forex trader and I must confess to being a victim of automation, I mean it’s the new cool and having tried a lot of softwares for trading I have come to understand that most of them (not all) are lame and not up to standards. I used a software once and I was alomost going back to being broke. The software was so complicated and not efficient that it affects my trading and I’ve sworn to never use any again until after being directed to this post by a friend.
    I gave the lock arbitrage a trial and voila! things got bouncing back. Amongst the features I loved the most is the software ability to Integrate with different trade terminals; and connect to prime broker quotes. I mean; my whole trading career have never been so automated and risk-free before this.

    I can’t say it all, but thanks for this and I’ll make sure I share this with some of my trusted friends.

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