As promised I have studied the benefits and importance of forex social networks and here are my thoughts on why and how they are useful.

Forex social networks are places where forex market players meet. They all have different agenda and are looking for opportunities and follow their interests.

Experienced forex traders are highly interested in social activities as they can demonstrate the results of their trading and sell their signals to subscribes or find investors to manage their funds. A social place is a great platform for a trader to become known, visible and trusted.

The beginners must join social networks to learn from others, follow tendencies, find a good working strategy, get a good software, read reviews of forex robots and their performance.

Forex software developers are looking for clients and they can demonstrate how their products perform via a social network.

Finally, brokers are here to find clients, money managers or LB.

There are a few successful social networks around like FX JUNCTION, 96 DEGREE, FXSTAT and others but today I have specifically wanted to point out one network that has special unique features:

I have reviewed the site and can pinpoint three major things you will now find anywhere else:

  • Fxsocialnet allows to monitor several different robots on one account and is able to monitor systems that are using two accounts, like Lock Arbitrage, for example. Personally, I checked it out with forexzzz Lock Arbitrage software and it works really well.


    1. If you are into selling robots, you can send your potential buyer directly to your sales page straight from the social network. So it makes sales easier and more intuitive for a user.
  • Selling your signals is another great option here. Moreover, you can use your payment system and the built-in order copier without any fees or commissions to the site itself. And here is a hidden opportunity I discovered – you could use this social network as a copier having set up a symbolic cost or zero cost and copy from your master account to your slave accounts.


I suggest trying this network and see how it works for yourself. The more social platform we have the better. More info will never hurt.


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