Is it realistic to trade with zero risk?

Is it realistic to trade with zero risk?

Trading in the financial market is working with money, and this process always carries an increased risk. The goal of each trader is to increase the level of profitability of his trading strategy. And we know that the higher the level of profitability, the risk level increases proportionally. Therefore, trading strategies, which have about 100% yield per month, can promise almost half of this figure of the risk parameter.

Of course, experienced investors and traders will better choose the investment or trade plan from 20% per annum at 2% risk, rather than 100% per month and 50% risk, because this is not an investment, but rates.

However, the development of information technologies and the wide variety of various auxiliary programs allowed to create automatic strategies that lead fix api trading with minimum risk parameters. The software code is designed in such a way that it allows you to limit possible losses and make profits grow.

I want to note that a stable risk-free strategy can be conducted by trading robots based on the following parameters:

• The robot is not subject to emotions. Any minus or drawdown on the account for him will be nothing more than just numbers. Therefore, algorithmic systems are not peculiar to “recoup” for losses. Unless, of course, the robot does not have the Martingale algorithm.

• The trading robot operates according to a specified principle. Each robot is based on the process of automatic analysis and execution of trading operations based on the fix api trader’s strategy. That is, the robot will act strictly on the given parameters, which will lead to risk-free trading.

• Trade only in the specified necessary conditions. If the market is expanding spread or volatility is above average, then the robot can simply open positions and wait for the normalization of these parameters. This makes it possible to bypass difficuly predicted moments, which are often blown out in the fix api forex market.

These parameters allow the trading robot to significantly reduce risks and circumvent the psychological factors. In my subjective opinion, control of emotions and risks is the basis of profitable trading.

Returning to the issue of risk-free trading, I will single out one strategy that allows for such trading –

The basis of this strategy is arbitrage trading, which in itself carries minimal risks. The essence of arbitration is the opening of speculative positions based on exchange rate differences between the same asset, but on different stock exchanges. More details about arbitration can be read in investopedy, but I’ll tell you about the essence of the basic principles of the algorithm.

Fix api trading according to this strategy is carried out thanks to a special platform with which you can choose a faster and slower supplier of quotes, adjust the parameters for your fix api forex broker, set the discrepancy parameter of quotes at which transactions will open. All trading will occur in this software, where the result from the trade will be displayed. Due to paired deals based on the difference in quotes, you can fix a positive result between the transaction for buying and selling, because there will always be several profit points from two transactions.

The combination of arbitrage strategy with automatic software allows you to trade with zero risk and at the same time fix a large rate of return. No one will explain in more detail and qualitatively the principles of software operation, rather than the developer of this innovation. If you are interested in risk-free trading, then I recommend visiting a webinar devoted to this strategy – This master class will allow you to learn more about the algorithm of selection of transactions, as well as the work of software for trading.

A risk-free fix api trading has become a reality, and therefore, all possible methods of making zero-risk transactions should be studied. Arbitration strategy is no exception.



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One response to “Is it realistic to trade with zero risk?”

  1. Nick says:

    even for the fact that I am a risk taker and I believe that nothing good comes without significant risk. I personally believe that the higher the risk; the higher the profit that comes with it if successful. After reading this, I’m kinda having a deep thought about combination of arbitrage strategy with automatic software that allows trading with zero risk and fixing a large rate of return. Which means I will be finally free from risk arbitrage trading and wish me good luck with the best arbitrage software.

    Thanks for this and I will surely check out the webinar.

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