Trading robots that trade with minimal risk

Trading robots that trade with minimal risk

Surely, everyone who came to the sphere of financial markets, was looking for an additional source of income. The specter of easy money, which was fueled by serials and films, formed the picture in the minds of ordinary people that trading or investing in securities, bonds, currency and other financial assets is a simple and stable business. However, if you ask any fix api trader or manager, he will be able to tell you in detail about all the pitfalls that happen on the way of trade.

First of all, I want to note that the yield on the financial market is indeed much greater than the yield from investing in real estate or a bank deposit. But together with profitability, the risk also increases.

What is the risk of trading?

Under the risk means the maximum permissible level of obtaining possible losses from the investment both for the entire amount of capital, and in the context of each trading operation in the fix apiforex market. Thus, there is a possibility not to earn something, but also to lose money in investments in the financial markets. In my opinion, the task of each trader is to reduce the risk parameter for preserving capital, and only then to earn in the market.

To reduce the risk, special programs are created, rigid rules for money management are introduced, and completely separate methods for controlling risks are set up.

Undoubtedly, trading robots are best in dealing with the risk, because these algorithmic strategies have already embedded risk parameters in their code, for which the robot will not go. Moreover, there are trading strategies that are able to trade with minimal risk or even without risk, but it is necessary to use algorithmic developmentsfor this.

  • Arbitration algorithms. This type consists in analyzing the current value of the same currency pair, but on different stock exchanges (fixapiforex brokerage companies). The principle is to open two trading operations simultaneously at different brokerage companies at the time of the greatest discrepancy in the asset price. This allows you to fix several profit points in a few seconds, when the quotes return to the regulatory range ( Given that transactions are opened through a financial protocol, thereby reducing spreads and slippage, and also closing after discrepancy reducing, such an approach does not have any risks.
  • News robots. To date, the logic of the trading robot can provide links from where the algorithm will read the information. Thus, when the information on the official resource is updated, the robot drives it through its algorithm and opens the transaction based on the fundamental factors. For example, when the US labor market data are published, the robots analyze the current values ​​and compare it with the forecast and past data. If the values ​​are worse, the robot will open the deal for sale at the very beginning of the downward impulse formation. Given that the robot trades on topical data – the risk is reduced.
  • Speculative robots. If the principle of minimum retention of positions is provided into the robot’s work logic, it allows you to not hold positions in a significant drawdown, and immediately fix profits. In turn, if the trading strategy is working, by opening a large number of transactions, you can reach a positive level of profitability with minimal risks.


Of course, it is worthwhile to understand that these types of robots, which I have quoted above, do not have a high percentage of profitability and record the minimum asset movement, but also it is worthwhile to understand that profitability is formed with minimal risks. Therefore, I recommend you to pay attention first of all to the risk of fix api trading, and only then to profitability.


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