Software to improve the result of trading robots

Software to improve the result of trading robots

We are surrounded by new technologies, which are sharpened by the automation of mechanical human processes. The phone becomes an integral part of life, and “smart houses” becomes more and more every year. Personally, I’m delighted with this. After all, every action or process that took a lot of time, today can be automated and turned into a solution system in just three clicks. That’s great!

Of course, this has affected each sector, both the economy and business. If we talk about trading or the financial market as a whole, the automation here is not surprising for anyone. Every day in the fix apiforexmarket, there are more and more algorithmic approaches, principles of asset analysis and trading methods. Now, it’s more like a race of quality and a trading result. I, as a consumer of these products, am pleased with this factor. Because the competition allows you to create better and more reliable products that improve the financial result.

Today, we will talk about these products. I present to you a list of varieties of quality software that allows you improving the results of algorithmic fix api trading.

    1. Trading magazines. In the market, there are many similar resources in which you can write your thoughts and analysis of a particular asset, and then view the results and identify the reason for the profit or loss. This is an excellent tool before you start building a trading robot, as well as in the process of its testing. Fix api trader can track all the operations that the trading robot performs and understand if the logic of opening and closing operations is violated.
    2. Strategy testers. If we talk about a test, then nothing is able to analyze the algorithm operation as a strategy tester, in which it will be enough to download the software and get the result. I recommend you to use a strategy tester in the fix api MT4, where you can download quotes and test the robot on various timeframes and trading tools. Moreover, it has a built in optimizer, in which it is possible to “tweak” the robot’s settings and thereby to improve the result.
    3. Manual trading modules. This kind of software allows trading robots to trade steadily in those fix apiforex brokerage companies, where they deliberately prohibit or reduce the possibility of stable algorithmic trading. Thus, similar brokerage companies, also using automated systems, determine who trades in the account: a robot or a person. In the first case – they increase spreads and slippage in order to lower your trading result. And some people forbid it at all. The manual trade module bypasses this prohibition and gives the broker’s system to understand that the account is being traded by a person, although in fact it is a robot.
    4. Fixapi. This software allows the trading robots to act on the servers of the liquidity provider and bypass the brokerage company’s server. This approach contributes to market execution and gives the opportunity to trade on the basis of fixapi arbitrage trading ( Quotations of thefix api are more accurate and come without delay. Market execution in combination with the trade robots is an ideal strategy aimed at the result.

These are the tools that I used in my trading and that allowed my trading robots to improve the statistical indicators of the fix api trading. I put them in a chronological order for you, i.e. through which stages of improvement and optimization every trading algorithm should take place in the form of a robot. Personally, I recommend to approach trading with a robot, because if the system can be improved, then why not to do it, right?



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