How to use trading robots in combination with manual trading?

How to use trading robots in combination with manual trading?

I started my acquaintance with the financial market with the fix api MT4terminal. This platform was used by manyforex brokers, so the demo account and the youthful dream brought me a little closer to my cherished goal. One combination of analysis methods changed the other, the assets also suffered a number of changes and after about two years of continuous market analysis and trading on it, I developed my trading strategy. Of course, it suffered a number of revisions, but it is still a ready tool for the first professional steps was in my hands.

After receiving the first positive results, long periods of drawdown and zero trading immediately came. It was all clear – you should not only create a strategy, but the conditions for its work as well. And the conditions are primarily in my head. It was necessary to control my emotions. And years later, my manual trading demonstrated stable results and an optimal percentage of income and risk. But I did not intend to stop there, so to diversify my fix apitrading, I started using trading robots.
It is simply useless to deny the fact of technological progress and automation in all spheres and it is necessary to follow the trend. After all, even market conditions can be imposed on everyday situations in life. Today, I will tell you exactly how I chose a robot and how it should be applied if you already trade in the financial fix apiforexmarket.

First, if you were asked the question of automation, then automate your strategy from the very beginning. Add to it elements of alerting or informing you about the presence of trading signals. Undoubtedly, you can create a full-fledged robot based on your strategy and act as an investor. But I chose the way, in which I open the strategy in a manual mode, but all signals are delivered automatically and I do not need to spend time for analysis.

As for the robot, in order to diversify the results and risks, I chose an algorithm that differs from my methodology, namely the fix api arbitration strategy. Thus, the trading robot makes transactions based on the exchange rate differences of the same currency pair, but on different sites. This approach has a minimal percentage of risk and a high percentage of monthly returns (

In order to realize this, I only needed to split my capital into two separate trading accounts and on the first to trade myself, while on the second to apply an algorithmic trading strategy.

It seems why not choose the most profitable option and place everything on one trading account? But no, then there will be no diversification.

Let’s look at possible cases.

In my strategy, the maximum drawdown is set at 7.8%. If the dynamics of profitability decreases in this range, then I will have no results. But if I use a robot, then at least I can get out of this level of drawdown and fix profits, because the algorithm has a zero risk parameter, and any profit on the robot will repel my possible loss. But at the same time, it can demonstrate weak profitability indicators. Then I will be able to achieve the set profit goals and the profitability schedule will be more even.

Using the algorithmic approach in conjunction with manual fix api trading allows you to optimize the process itself and certainly to reduce the risks. Therefore, I recommend to resort to this principle of work. It allows you to attract new investments in your trading, as well as to reduce the psychological burden. The main thing to remember: the algorithm should have a different approach than your trading strategy, so that the market factors would not show the same result.


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