Websites for tracking the trading results

Websites for tracking the trading results

Have you ever wondered how important it is to keep statistics? How important is it to have a digital display of data? But after all, we are already living in the era of “Big Data” and in large companies or professional financial circles, the analysis of not only the market situation, but also the influence of past data has a very big influence on the future result. So, the banks keep statistics on issued loans, insurance companies take into account the statistical data to determine the cost of insurance payment, IT companies thanks to the statistics can build accurate models, and we, stock speculators, thanks to this science determine the future movement of the financial asset in order to earn on it.

Even if you think that you do not take into account statistics in your fix api trading, you are deeply mistaken, because technical indicators, patterns or mathematical models are all built only on the basis of past data and patterns. This is all combines in the statistics of trading for a certain period. Statistics in all. To learn how to work with it, you need to regularly review your trading results. And websites for tracking the manager’s trading will help you in this.

Websites for tracking the trading results are certain areas where you can see the digital display of the performance of your trading signals and following them. These resources help identify the weaknesses in fix api forex trading and eliminate them to improve the trading results, which will lead to additional investments, as well as increase the effectiveness of the current algorithm as a percentage.

What do these websites display?

Often, these websites demonstrate the internal features of the trading strategy. Thus, how much the parameters of the ratio of stop loss and take profit levels correspond to the declared results ( ). Or how quickly the strategy goes beyond the range of risks (drawdown) and continues to show again a positive result. Also, these sites help to show what average rate of returns can be obtained by the investor or fix api trader if he subscribes to trading signals for this strategy.

If we talk about subscriptions to trading signals, these resources, in addition to allowing accumulation of additional capital, also help investors find the most acceptable source of passive income for themselves. As we know, investors pay attention not only to the profitability of the trading strategy, but also to other parameters, some of which I cited above. Looking at the indicators of trade on this resource, the investor may decide to invest in this trading strategy or choose another one.

There are also websites that not only demonstrate fix api trading indicators, but also allow you to purchase an algorithm directly, i.e. a trading robot that displays these figures. For example, allows you to do this. On the resource, there is an opportunity to demonstrate statistical results of trading with a robot and if you are satisfied with this result, then you can immediately purchase it. Thus, you will not need to pay a monthly subscription, but it will be enough to buy a robot once and install it on your trading account.

To the list of the most key statistics that display websites for tracking trading results can be attributed:

  • Mathematical expectation;
  • The Sharpe ratio;
  • Profit factor;
  • Recovery factor;
  • The ratio of profitable and unprofitable position;
  • Maximum series of profitable and unprofitable transactions;
  • Average level of drawdown;
  • Loading of capital;
  • Risk and profitability of the strategy.

As you can see, the collection of statistical information is carried out even in the financial market. Analyzing past data and dynamics, we can determine the future result and if you optimize your trading or add new trading principles, all this is done thanks to statistical observations that confirm or disprove the future dynamics of the asset in the fix api forex foreign exchange market.


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