How to get around some of the brokerage companies’ bans?

Often, modern traders need to struggle not only with the market and its other players, but also with their own brokerage company. The structure of the work of unscrupulous organizations has not changed at all. They need more and more commission or all your money. That is why you should pay enough attention to selection of a platform and of a fix api forex brokerage company on which you will further conduct your trading activities.

Limitations of the brokerage companies can be comprehensive. However, the following are the most popular ones:

  • Expansion of the spread at the time of high-profile and important market events;
  • Slippage or delay in orders execution due to which trading operations of the fix api trader are not executed at the set price and a loss of the lost profits or increase in the maximum loss appears;
  • Installation of additional swap commissions, which are nothing else than another form of commission;
  • Some brokerage companies prohibit or restrict trading through algorithmic systems. If you have a trading robot or automatic advisor, the broker sees it and all the operations made using the program code will be limited by installing additional spreads and delays. If you have a scalping or fix api arbitration algorithm, this restriction will take all the profits of these trading systems;
  • Limit on the transaction volume, as well as margin conditions. This is not a restriction, because it is served under the guise of opportunity. But remember: trading with a leverage of more than 3 can cause additional risks and a loss of capital!

It is clear that it is next to impossible to circumvent all the prohibitions of the brokerage companies. It is better to change the fix api forex broker. However, there are certain programs that help you fight the brokers ( ).

I believe that the main problem is that if you trade with pending orders, which is without a doubt a correct solution, the broker knows this and sees this trading operation. The same applies to the robot. The broker perfectly understands how exactly the trade is conducted, because he also has programs that catch “dubious” algorithms. That’s why you should mask your positions.

How to do that? It is very simple. It is enough to use a manual trading module in your fix api trading or additional scripts with which to open trading positions.

The specification of such software is that it can register the desired entry points or synchronize with your robot. Thus, when the quotes reach the specified marks or the trading signal is triggered according to the strategy, the deals that will be opened in a manual trading module will be displayed to the broker as opened trading position on the market by the trader. This tool is suitable for those who use robots for trading, as well as additional automated programs.

Another way is to trade directly with a liquidity provider through fix api. But for this, the broker must provide such an access. Thus, you will not trade on the server side of the brokerage company, but directly at the prime broker. This will narrow the spread to the market, and you will forget about slippage. To put simply, with the fix api help you will get real market conditions.

As a result, the modern fix api trader has a tool with which you can flexibly approach the resolution of questions regarding the brokerage restrictions. I believe that if you masquerade your transactions using scripts and do not use the standard opening of positions in fix api MT4, this will increase your chances of success. After all, in the context of one transaction, a broker’s commission or restriction may not be so noticeable. But if you look at them in a long run, you will be able to estimate how much less profit you have received.


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