How to trade bypassing the servers of brokerage companies?

The profitability of every trader is formed not only due to his trading strategy, but also due to the conditions under which it is conducted. Of course, the first moment can be controlled by the manager, but the second one entirely depends on the brokerage company, and it is quite difficult to influence it.

We all know that there are a lot of fix api forex brokers in the market, whose purpose is to earn on their customers. Therefore, surcharges and additional commissions are set in the form of spread and slippage. Moreover, some restrict trading along with all trading operations that managers make directly to their trading account. For this purpose, auxiliary programs are created that allow to bypass these negative moments and be confident in their investments.

One such software package is access to the financial protocol using Fix Api.

Fix api is a protocol that carries a set of financial information, including information about the current prices in the financial market. The use of this program allows the stock market speculators to trade in real market conditions, as at fix api, market conditions act directly, which will circumvent the broker’s mark-ups and delays.

To put it simply, this protocol allows the exchange managers to trade in real market conditions and if the broker restricts the trade, he can do it only at the expense of trading on his server. But it is impossible to implement the restriction on fix api. Everyone can test the effectiveness with the help of special programs that connect your trading account of fix api MT4 to the financial protocol – . Such software delivers all your trading operations through fix api, which makes trading conditions even more acceptable for trading.

In fact, if you trade in an algorithmic mode with the help of trading robots or advisors, then it is best to use this approach. After all, all the high-frequency algorithms work on this principle. This makes using of such software an excellent tool for speculative strategies. For example, if your system is based on the fix api arbitration algorithm, according to which each item has a high weight in profitability generating, then the best way to implement this algorithm is through a financial protocol. Then, you will get all the necessary conditions and instant opening and closing of transactions.

Pros of fix api

• It allows you to use special pending orders for accurate entry into the market;
• You can see a full glass of purchase orders, as well as the sale requests;
• Trading is not conducted on the broker’s server, which reduces the probability of the latter’s influence on your trading process;
• It is fully compatible with algorithmic fix api trading.
• It lets you get the best effect from the speculative trading strategies such as scalping and fix api arbitrage ( );
• It allows you to connect to the fix api MT4 trading platform.

Cons of fix api

• A limited number of brokerage companies provide an access to fix api;
• Those who give such an access, want large amounts of deposit for providing such an access (but you can always use third-party software).

Thus, you do not need to look at the trading conditions of the fix api broker. It will be enough to know that it delivers the transactions to the market and makes it possible to use fix api. It all boils down to whether the broker issues funds to the customers or he will find hundreds of reasons and tricks to convince you to continue trading. But you should always have the last word in choosing the necessary trading conditions. 


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