Fight against the brokerage restrictions on trade. What should a trader use?

Each of us has certainly experienced in his trading the influence of various brokerage conditions. Personally, I have changed more than 3 brokers, which for some people may not seem a big number. However, the problem does not go away – most fix api forex brokerage companies provide poor-quality trading conditions and reduce the effectiveness of our trading systems. One way of dealing with this is to move to another company. The main thing here is that the broker pays your money, because, as you know, there are “kitchens” from which it is problematic to take your money.
Today, I want to consider some options to bypass the key prohibitions and restrictions of the brokerage companies. I just want to note that if you trade in a low-quality company, the examples below will not help you much, because even if you increase the percentage of profitability, you can hardly take them to your bank account or withdraw them to web money.

I want to note right away that the brokerage companies also have special programs that catch fix api traders on certain requests. The dealing center works for this. These programs can catch those traders who trade at certain times, overestimate the volumes and increase substantially the brokerage risks. Therefore, they will be subject to special restrictions and be closely observed from the side of the dealing. But the most popular tool that falls under the broker’s restriction is algorithmic trading. And this is quite understandable, because there are trading robots that are capable of demonstrating enormous rates of return, and if the broker does not deliver the deals to the market, he will have to pay this yield directly from his pocket, which will hit his budget and financial stability in general. Therefore, special delays and additional spreads are added or a trading account is even completely blocked (although, as a rule, everyone refers to the phantom terms of the contract, which terms the fix api trader allegedly has violated, therefore his account was banned).

To avoid blocking or other restrictions that are associated with both algorithmic trading and other reasons, you should use the auxiliary software. The paradox is that: if you do not want to be banned by a broker, you need to use the program. But in fact, it is so. In the market, there is already a certain variety of software that allows you to mask the trading operations performed by a trading robot – .

This module of manual trading hides all the transactions on the trading account from the dealing and auxiliary programs and delivers transactions to the server in such a way that the logs show exactly the manual opening of transactions. The work logic is quite simple. If the trading robot receives a signal for opening a trading operation based on its algorithm, it sends the transaction to the Manual Trading Module initially, and only then to the fix api MT4 trading terminal. Thus, the broker cannot track how the trading operation was performed and perceives it as one that the trader himself makes, i.e. through the “new order” button.

Such software solutions are designed to improve the results of trading and reduce the broker’s impact on our trading result. Just think how many percent of lost revenue we lose with different delays in the execution of trading operations or restrictions on algorithmic software. Figures can exceed 10%! Therefore, each trader must have such software in his arsenal that will help him circumvent various restrictions.


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