Brokerage affiliate programs: how they are implemented?

Brokerage affiliate programs: how they are implemented?

Have you ever thought about how many opportunities a successful trader has? And now, I’m not talking about a new job in any investment company or directly a result from the trading. Not. I’m talking about additional opportunities that go along with profitable trading. Such opportunities include subscriptions for providing trading signals, various PAMM and MAM accounts, where the trader earns a net profit along with as partner programs of various brokers, which allow him to receive financial reward for attracting new customers.

Today, I want to tell you about the last option, namely about the affiliate programs or Introducing Broker platform.

Affiliate programs are a kind of marketing strategy of a brokerage company, which enables us, traders, to receive additional payments if we can independently find a client. Of course, the simplicity of this process depends on the conditions of the brokerage company, because some are willing to pay for the registration of the client, and some only on the fact of replenishing the trading light and trading a certain turnover. Here, you can choose what is interesting to you. However, the most ideal option is the directly promotion of your broker, on which you yourself sell. Thus, you will be more aware of the principles of his work and will be able to show your results. But again, it all depends on your preferences and on conditions of the ib platform partner program.

How does this process occur for the trader/partner?

If a trader is interested in an affiliate program, first of all, it is necessary to investigate the market for the most profitable program. I’m not going to write about those who deal with traffic and place affiliate links on mass platforms in the hope that someone will register. Similar web masters also suffice, but we are traders and we will not mindlessly promote our broker partner. Therefore, I exclude the script with the placement of banners and the publication of links in various forums.

After the trader receives the partner status in the company, he can already attract new customers, which will be assigned a “tag” from where and who sent the client. At our disposal, there is an opportunity to track all the attracted customers in order to predict the future earnings for the partner payment.

Since I exclude the chaotic promotion of the broker on various thematic resources, the best way to interest the target audience is to demonstrate trading results directly on the broker’s platform. This can be the results of trading for a certain period of time, the launch of an investment idea on the side of the broker, or even the screen and video surveys from the broker’s trading terminal with the subsequent placement of the affiliate link. I consider an indirect call to action to be the most effective means and I advise you to try it in future on your partnering activity.

How is this process implemented on the side of the broker?

To place links to a broker or recommend it, we need certain conditions that will allow us to launch an affiliate network. To do this, the broker should take care of the technical implementation of multilevel mt4 ib , so that every client who will be attracted by the partner has been consolidated to him.

The broker usually implements a partner’s office, which allows you to track all the customers and your network. Each new client is assigned a unique ID, which indicates which partner attracted the client. The broker should be take care of the technical side of this issue. The main feature is that the partner gets the opportunity from the broker to get a one-time fee for a new client or consolidate it for himself so that you can receive a percentage of commissions. I believe that the second option is suitable for those who plan to continue to accompany the client, and who are confident in their result. If the future fate of the attracted partner is not interesting to the partner, then the first option is certainly better to choose.

I also want to note that the partnership program not only resolves the partner’s issue, but also is a reliable source of new customers’ appearance in the company. Moreover, the partner network is a combination of the marketing department and the sales department. This reduces the broker’s expenses for advertising companies, because the partner will influence the target audience independently. You can also attract new customers through the ready-made trading solutions that will be implemented on your platform.

The ideal option for both parties is a scenario in which the partner not only has a positive trading dynamo on the side of the broker, but is also a kind of public person in his professional circle of traders. This will improve the results and the number of attracted customers, which will actually increase the partner’s remuneration. The broker will in turn receive an expansion of the client base and commission, which in the long term will expand his business. As we see, everyone gets the desired financial result from such professional networking.

Thus, the interaction between the broker, the partner and the clients is advantageous for each side, because both the first and the second groups achieve the set goals. Almost every broker has partner terms, which you can familiarize with before registering in the company. This will provide an opportunity to learn more details about the different points of payments and attraction channels. But at the same time, there are proven brokerage companies and new firms that have not implemented partner programs. This will contribute to the further development of the company not only in the growth of the client base, but will also allow the company to launch new products and scale the business. I hope that today’s article will help you make the right choice if you, as a broker, are still uncertain about running the multilevel ib platform.



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