How is the synchronization of brokerage trading programs with the website and terminal realized?

How is the synchronization of brokerage trading programs with the website and terminal realized?

I’m more than sure that each of us has changed the broker and even did it several times. The reasons here simple and understandable. At the first stages, we have no earnings and we are not blaming ourselves for this (since we do not have a trading system), but the broker. After that, we may not be satisfied with the trading conditions or the product line of the brokerage company. And I’m not talking about “kitchens” that complicate our lives even more. If we still find a quality broker and we all are happy with him, we are ready to cooperate with him for the longest time possible. However, have you ever wondered what happens on the reverse side? Thus, is from the side of the broker. Surely, he also analyzes the clients, as we analyze the brokers. I searched for an answer to this question and today, I am ready to share the information I found with you.

First of all, I want to tell you about how the broker can track our results. Of course, this can be done by the dealing center, because he sees all the information on the server (including our operations). But in order to achieve such a full mt4 server integration, the broker should use special software solutions that are based on the API. In fact, to realize this possibility, you need an entire IT department or to hire a special company that will develop ready-made solutions for brokerage companies, whose list of services includes the web package

It is the integration through the API that allows the broker and trader to receive the necessary information in an automatic mode.

However, I would highlight the following key points that are synchronized in the brokerage business:

1. The company’s website. I think there is nothing new in the fact that every company, whatever services or products it provides, has its own website. As Bill Gates said, in a few years the companies will be divided into two types: such that are on the Internet and such who have left the business. And we cannot disagree with this statement be. If we consider a broker who has Internet as a key means for doing business, the website should be multifunctional and displays the most current information. To do this, it is necessary to implement forex broker website integration with MT4, so that various widgets or results of investment decisions always display information in real time. In addition, all this information should be synchronized not only with the MT4 server, but also with the CRM system, so that you can get up-to-date information about the internal structure of the broker.
2. Trader’s personal area. The integration of the personal office means that we can receive up-to-date information, but directly about our trade. But this is not the most complex functional. The most complicated task of all is to develop and implement payment systems. For this, the broker undergoes a lengthy process of obtaining all licenses, as well as the ability to load all the necessary documents already from the client’s side. Agree that we need a personal office to solve only a few tasks: input/output of funds, opening of a new trading account. Personally, I use my personal office from my broker namely for these purposes. However, the broker must take care of this opportunity.
3. Integration mt4. In my description of the integration in the previous points, the key unifying element was the MT4 server. As far as I know, Mql took care to connect all the broker’s processes and resources to the trading terminal. Therefore, this item is not so complicated and depends more on the complexity of the broker’s website. But if you remember that besides the broker, dealing is also responsible for the terminal functionality, the display of any data depends entirely on the software that already uses the dealing (I already wrote about this in my previous articles).
4. Internal reports. I spoke with a colleague who worked in a brokerage company. He did not tell me all the nuances (according to the terms of his contract), but he told me about numerous reports that analyze not only the clients’ trade, but also the commercial benefits of the company. Therefore, the fact is that the possibility of automatic reporting is implemented in the internal structure of the broker. As I already wrote above, the information in this article is accumulated from the open sources.
5. CRM system. The last link in the synchronization is the company’s platform, which displays all the information about the client. If someone does not know what CRM is, it is software that is used in the sales department to maximize the commercial effect. And every client manager sees all the information centrally in the CRM. This list can be extremely large: the trading results, services and products to which the trader is connected, the number of letters and calls sent to you. If this is all simplified, the CRM integrates the information from all the sources (website, personal office and merchant account). And now its synchronization is not cheap for the broker, because the implementation of this program depends on the company’s goals and the necessary functionality.

I am more than sure that you did not think about this issue and did not even know some of the points. The description given by me is only a part of what each trader has, because I analyzed the information in free access. Surely, each company has its own internal programs that allow it to conduct the brokerage business. However, if we look at it from the trader’s side, the synchronization of all the processes goes according to the logic that I described above.


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