Resources for Trading Signals Duplication

Automation of various processes in trading allows you not only to simplify the analysis of assets, but also to increase the profitability level from conducting trading for the trader. There are tools for algotrading, systems for tracking market information, as well as the ability to share their forecast and trading operations with other market participants that are at disposal of the exchange manager. And I’m now talking not only about the forums or blogs where you can post your forecast, but about the special resources for trading positions duplication.

Over the past few years, various sites and platforms have gained increasing popularity, where a fix api trader can connect his trading account and duplicate all transactions for a certain fee. Thus, the manager gets an opportunity to earn not only from the market, but also on the basis of his trading success, to earn additional capital by the method of signal distribution or trust management.

In turn, every newcomer who is just beginning his acquaintance with the market can connect to the trading signals duplication and make a profit from the first months of his work. Moreover, in this case you will act as an investor and without spending any money or time, you can receive a passive percentage of return on your capital, which will be formed on the basis of automatic trading signals duplication.

The list of the most popular special services for trading transactions duplication includes:

  1. MQL: the most popular service is copying of fix api MT4 invoice signals.
  2. 1sforexsignal: a new signal duplication service that allows you to subscribe to successful traders for a minimum subscription cost.
  3. Fxsocialnet: allows not only to duplicate signals, but also sell the finished product that generates these trading signals, for example, trading robots ( ) .
  4. eToro: acts as a broker for different players and allows duplicate signals within the service.

If you decide to act as a supplier of trading signals, you need to aim at adhering to the optimal trading parameters. If you act as an investor, then you also need to pay attention to these indicators for the most qualitative selection of the manager.

  1. Drawdown: it is initially important to monitor this parameter. It’s clear that every trader has a drawdown at the fix api forex market. But you need to control it, because it reflects the most likely level of capital loss in case of investing in this trading system.
  2. Recovery factor: allows you to understand how quickly the trader leaves the drawdown and starts trading again in a plus. This is necessary to understand the trading conditions of the system. If the trader emerges very quickly from a drawdown of 10%, this could indicate that he increased the volume and went beyond the risks in order to cover losses. At the same time, if a trader recovers his losses for a very long time, this indicates inefficiency of the system.
  3. Profit factor: indicates with what ratio of profitable to unprofitable positions the trader trades. The optimal parameter is more than two, which indicates that for each profitable transaction there are 2 unprofitable transactions. If the trader’s system is profitable, then in the long term it will show a small but stable percentage of profit. If the value is 3-4, the profitability will be formed the same way much faster, but possibly with increased risks.
  4. Mathematical expectation: each trader works on this parameter. If the mathematical expectation is higher than 0, it also points to the fact that in the long run the system will show profit. The advantage of this parameter is that it shows the value in absolute terms, which allows you to calculate the expected level of return on your capital.
  5. The ratio of profitable and unprofitable positions: this parameter allows you to learn the methodology of opening trader positions. Thus, whether he trades in the normative range or scalps. It is for speculative systems that there is a huge amount of closing the profitable positions with insignificant profit level in points.



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