The internal component of the brokerage business: something you did not even know about

The internal component of the brokerage business: something you did not even know about

We all use brokerage services. It is quite possible that someone has already successfully changed several brokers, before stopping at one platform. Personally, I also went through it. Each trader wants only two things: that the funds are withdrawn (both investment and earned interest rates of return), and that the trading terms are acceptable for our trading system. What happens with us, the stock speculators, behind the scenes does not raise questions if these conditions are observed. However, I decided to “dig” deeper and understand how the broker functions? What is his internal component and how are all the processes synchronized and automated in him? Today, I will share with you the answers to these questions, as well as the information I found.

First of all, I want to note the fact that every step and process in this business is completely synchronized and automated. After all, just imagine what it cost the broker to adjust the work in such a way that when opening a trading account in MT4, this information was displayed in the personal office and was actually able to conduct the trading operations. This is only one moment through which we constantly go through, but never think about it.

And now, let’s take a closer look at the functional and settings of the company’s work that the ordinary trader does not know:

1. Forex broker website data integration. First of all, when we choose a brokerage company, we look at its website. We study all the information on it, we look at the trading conditions, types of trading accounts, terminals, and also the ready product solutions in the form of investment ideas to analyze the accuracy of the forecasts of analysts who work in this company. And if this website is developed with new technologies, then it will certainly have all the automatic features. Thus, the broker’s website integrates with real data of ready-made solutions or a trading terminal and allows the broker to look at not only up-to-date information about the broker’s services, but also at the market situation. Therefore, the website is completely connected to the external data, which are delivered with various api, and that are not just an informative page.

2. Integration mt4 with CRM. If for a trader the website is the main place where he can find out information about the broker, the multifunctional CRM system allows the broker in turn to learn everything about the client. CRM is a company’s platform, which goal is to display all the channels of communication directly to the company with both potential customers and current ones. When we leave an application on the website or subscribe to a newsletter, we automatically come across this software solution. Thus, the broker sees all the information about us (up to the age and the region), which we have indicated. Moreover, this CRM platform can be synchronized with the MT4 server and displays information not only about us, but also about our trading results. If you open an account at a broker and immediately start trading, this all will be displayed in the CRM system, which will allow the broker to more accurately react to our needs. That is why, when we receive excess profit or loss, the broker often calls us to find out our further steps.

3. Building automatic reports. Each broker can analyze your trading activity and his brokerage risks with the help of his dealing center. For this purpose, special reports are developed, which, as a rule, analyze the company’s management in order to understand the current situation of the business. Yes, it is not unique only for the brokerage business, but for any large company. However, be aware that we also sometimes play with those reports.

4. Personal office integration in all the processes. For the trader, the second stage of acquaintance with the brokerage company begins when creating a personal sales office (at the moment of creating the PO we get into the CRM broker). Here, the broker must integrate not only the ability to track actions in CRM, but also the payment systems for the trader, and also to display the current status of the trading accounts if you have already placed capital. Thus, the personal office should be synchronized with virtually all the processes. It will be used to collect information for reports and platforms for working with the client. From it, the trader commits his target actions for the funds input and withdrawal. Therefore, a multi-functional personal office is a key task when starting a brokerage company.

5. Marketing introduction. Each broker also creates the ability to send letters and configure the automatic conversations when connecting to ready solutions, opening of trading accounts, and adding or withdrawing funds.

As you can see, the list is quite extensive, but I’m more than sure that I did not cover absolutely all the issues for the reason that I did not work in a brokerage company and I do not know the whole internal structure. However, I considered what we use in our work.

Thus, we can draw a simple conclusion that all the broker processes converge on complete synchronization And the key link in this is the mt4 server intagration, because the trading results influence the further indicators of commercial profit from the client for the broker, and in turn, the it gives an opportunity to the trader to find out his further steps in case of drawdown, commissioning and funds withdrawal. Therefore, it is not cheap to start a full-fledged brokerage business, but you can turn to specialized companies that will help you set up and integrate all these processes if you are really interested in this.

If you have more information on the internal structure of the brokerage company (excluding the “gray schemes”), then please share it in the comments!


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